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November First designs and develops a cross-border payment platform that saves companies of all sizes money when paying international invoices. November First provides a secure solution for free to all companies and delivers real-time exchange rates with low margin and fees.

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November First is a cross-border
platform for businesses.

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Fintech attack banks foreign exchange fees

29th June 2016 Bjarke Finlov

November First has developed a digital payment solution designed to lower the cost of currency exchanges, and now an investor group with Gregers Kronborg have invested millions in the enterprise.

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Company will take the air out of the banks’ foreign exchange fees

29th June 2016 Bjarke Finlov

The Danish FinTech company November First is ready to attack banks on foreign exchange.

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New company raises money

29th June 2016 Bjarke Finlov

November First offer customers savings of at least half of the fee and 40 % of course, margin compared with price levels at the banks.

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Mandag morgen

The neobanks are coming

12th December 2016 Bjarke Finlov

Article about the danish FinTech sector. Interviews with many interesting companies including November First

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Fintech-rebel lands double-digit million investment

29th June 2016 Bjarke Finlov

A new online payment service will be launched in 2016 after November First has received an investment running into millions.

Many FinTech-companies are trying to make currency exchange easier for private. November First has chosen to focus on companies.

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TV2 News

Fintech company attacks banks on foreign exchange

2nd November 2016 Bjarke Finlov

The Danish Fintech company November First attack banks on foreign exchange. Today they launch their payment platform, seeking the lowest currency exchange rates and offers to challenge the big banks' business.

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