Investors are looking at the FinTech startup November First
Danish FSA FT Number: 22017


We have state of the art technology
Strong partnerships, clear objectives and a detailed roadmap
And a stellar team is making the whole thing possible.

My point of view

“November First offers businesses a clear value proposition of payment cost transparency and savings, as well as workflow efficiency. And November First brings the service to the customers in a very straightforward way.

As November First has developed a very lean operational model, it is still possible to achieve a profitable business.

As all these elements come together, November First appear to me as a great investment opportunity and a business that is long term sustainable.”

Business Angel and Lead Investor
Gregers Kronborg

From humble beginnings

November First has managed to earn the trust of quite a few investors since the early workflow sketches were drawn across the kitchen table at a time when “Fintech” was not yet a defined term. Intrigued by the idea of challenging a market ready for disruption, an interest in using the service once developed, and trust in the team being able to deliver, were essential  to the early investors.

Our latest investors shared these views, but also saw themselves being able to contribute to the success of November First by taking an active role such as providing access to distribution channels, management, additional capital and guidance in regard to execution metrics, legal structures and much more.

Even though November First today is a well-funded company we are still on the lookout for investors who can contribute to the company with more than “just” a financial investment. If you are an investor with the interest in the Fintech space, please let us hear from you and we will be delighted to tell you more about November First and the opportunity it represents.

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Investor relations

Mikael Nilsson, Founder and CEO

Gregers Kronborg, Chairman of the Board